March 1, 2024

Setting up the theme fonts in PowerPoint is probably the most important thing you can do when creating a PowerPoint template. It is the number one most important thing. I cannot stress this enough.

Why? Because EVERYTHING in PowerPoint is based on the theme fonts — especially the body font. It doesn’t matter if you overrode the theme font and applied a font directly to a placeholder on the master or layout: when you create content (tables, charts, SmartArt, etc.), that content will use the body font by default. Try it; you’ll see. 

If you don’t set up the theme font, you’re setting up your users for failure. They will need to manually change the font on every single table, chart, SmartArt diagram, shape, textbox … everything. Every. Single, Time. Not only does that cost them time, but many won’t even realize they need to do it because they won’t notice the difference between the theme font and whatever you applied to the placeholders.

You should set up your theme fonts before you start building the template. Don’t use a non-theme font and think you’ll change it later, because you’re just asking for problems. Do it first thing. Do it now.

It’s easy to create your own custom theme font sets in PowerPoint on Windows, but it’s practically impossible to do in PowerPoint on Mac.

So I’ve created some theme font files (as well as some templates with theme fonts applied) for you to download.

Be sure to read the information about font behavior before downloading the files!