On-site technician

Looking for a PowerPoint specialist to travel to your conference or sales meeting? Need technical help behind the scenes at your PowerPoint event? Want to help your on-site presenters feel at ease with their presentations? Who better than a PowerPoint MVP with over 10 years experience in on-site management and “on the fly” PowerPoint presentation development?

Whether you need a full service graphics operator to coordinate with lighting and sound crews or a PowerPoint technician to hold hands with each presenter, Echosvoice can help you pull together a brilliant event. We can do it all, or just a small part; whatever you need.

Our specific experience includes, but certainly is not limited to:

  • Pre-show speaker review including presentation creation and preparation
  • On-site graphics and animation updates
  • Last minute PowerPoint changes, edits and requests
  • On-site production rehearsals
  • Technical troubleshooting as related to overall and specific event visuals
  • Backstage graphics operator (button-puncher)

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