Jeopardy (Exit Animations)

We’ve had a rash of questions lately on the newsgroup about creating “Jeopardy” and “Family Feud” games with PPT, so I slapped this little demo together.

This demo file is designed for PPT 2002/XP–it won’t work right in previous versions of PPT or in the PPT Viewer. It demonstrates how to set the exit animations in PPT 2002/XP. Basically, if you want Autoshape 1 to disappear when clicked, you set the timing to trigger upon click of Autoshape 1.

Notethat the “hotspots” for clicking get subsequently smaller for some reason or another. I’m trying to figure out why. (It’s not the gradient fill, and it’s not the fact that they’re textboxes rather than autoshapes.) Until I do, I put in an extra slide with an action setting linking back to the main slide because I got tired of being tossed out of the presentation if I clicked when I had an arrow instead of a hand. <g>

Download Jeopardy PPT 2002/XP Example File (157kb)

Jeopardy- and Family Feud-style samples from PPT MVP Bill Foley

Followers Feud and PowerPak Pro from PPT MVP Glenna Shaw

Hit the Tests/Games link at for a variety of game samples

Poking around on Google, I ran across a number of other sample files of this type for previous versions of PPT.

Just type Jeopardy PowerPoint or Family Feud PowerPoint or whatever PowerPoint into the box at (, and you’ll turn up 70,000+ hits.