This page contains information on some of the animation features in PPT 2002 (aka PPT XP) and 2003.


Jeopardy (exit animations)

Text crawling across slide during bulleted list (15kb)

Text crawling across slide continuously (233kb)

PPT 2002/XP vs 2000 (transitions and animations)

Modifying animations for just a few slides

Animating bulleted text

Animating bulleted text individually

Star Wars Credits

Adding Animation vs Changing Animation

Using Triggers

Animating a Chart

Newsgroup regular Robert Lerner has graciously contributed his sample file which demonstrates fading in and out in PPT 2000. Definitely worth the 200kb download! Thanks, Robert!

And Ute Simon has graciously contributed a sample file of PPT 2002 and 2003 animations and transitions. Ute’s file is labeled in both German and English.

And another newsgroup regular, Glenna Shaw, contributed a sample file which demonstrates shadow techniques. It’s about 1.5MB, but it shows some really cool stuff! It looks fine in both PPT 2000 and 2002. Nice job, Glenna! Glenna’s gotten her own site going, so her shadow techniques file is now available there.

And here’s a sample file MVP Kathy Huntzinger and I made many moons ago. It uses the custom show feature to loop intro slides. Download (13kb). This file was made in PPT 2000 (or 97?). TAJ’s methods for linking and looping files are usually better solutions for a variety of issues, but if you need just a simple introductory loop, the custom show loop is an easy thing to set up.