Editing Stuff on Masters and Layouts

We can create our own slide layouts in PPT 2007. This means that slide masters work a bit differently than they did in earlier versions.

Individual Slide Layouts inherit their settings from the Slide Master they are associated with. This is important to know if you want to edit graphics on slide masters and layouts.

1. To see how this works, open Master View by clicking View | Slide Master on the Ribbon.

2. Look at the Slides pane on the left in Slide Master View. (You can see an example in the picture below.) The top slide is the Slide Master. This is where the individual Slide Layouts get their settings from.

You can select the fireworks graphic on the Title Slide Layout and delete it completely or move it around (or otherwise edit it) on the Title Slide Layout.

You cannot select the fireworks graphic on any of the other slide layouts, though.

3. If you want to delete (or otherwise change) the fireworks graphic on anyof the slide layouts (except for the Title Slide Layout, as mentioned in step 2), you must first delete it from the Slide Master. This removes it from all individual slide layouts.

Tip:When you delete the graphic from the Slide Master, use Ctrl+X. This cuts the graphic and places it on your clipboard, so you can easily paste it onto the individual slide layouts you want the graphic to appear on.

4. Now put the graphic onto a specific slide layout by clicking the slide layout and pressing Ctrl+V to paste the fireworks graphic.

5. Now you can move or otherwise edit the graphic on the individual slide layout.