Medical abstract before & after

We were asked to create an easy-to-understand slide deck from the data in a written article abstract. You can see our work in the “after” slides.

We selected a plain template and color palette so that the data could speak for themselves.

You’ll also notice that we caught a typo in the abstract’s data and created an alternate slide so the client could make the choice (see slides 4 and 5.)

Page from a medical journal for original presentation.
After slide. Summarizes medical journal meaningfully.
3rd slide, titled "Background and Goals",further summarizes the article succinctly.
4th slide presents a chart of methods and demographics for the study in the article.
6th slide breaks down the demographics from previous slide in a chart.
Simple bar graph representing the results of the study on 2-year survival.
Further explanation of the results of the study in a simple chart.

What our customers say

I had the pleasure to meet and work with Echo on a meeting recently and can't say enough on her work ethic, attention to detail and professionalism. The stress of last minute changes and client needs can always be a challenge and there was never a moment when she wasn't prepared. Can't wait to work with her again.

Mark Allen ShoVision LLC

We love the changes to the deck!! You have a customer for life!

Heidi Shurtz Allergan Medical

I love working with PowerPoint, and my homemade presentations always looked fine for my local talks. But recently I had to present at a national meeting, and I thought I would see how Echo could improve the presentation. The result was like night and day. The fee was very reasonable, considering I got a beautiful and professional presentation, general advice about PowerPoint, and a template I can use for future talks. The service is highly recommended!

John M. Clarke, M.D. Bay Surgical Specialists

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Echo is the PowerPoint Master. During our exhaustive process of getting our corporate template agreed and finished, Echo's team was so professional, patient and true experts in their field. Truly, we could not have done it without you Echo, as you know! Thank you so much. 100% recommended!

Lisa Joyner ION Media Networks