Autorun CD (third-party products)

Note: [date]. As the industry has changed over the years, products have come and gone. Alas, these changes have caused some broken links on this page (it is an older tutorial, after all.) We’ve left the links for archival purposes. If you’re having trouble finding what you are looking for, Google it!

This content comes without recommendations. I have not used most of these programs. Some are more expensive than others. If you can, try before you buy.

If you call Microsoft and ask how to make an autorun CD with PPT, they’ll also steer you to the third-party solutions that are available. If you’ve read through the Viewer-CD and LST File articles and still can’t get your CD to work, then you need to use one of the third-party options. Trust me, they’ll make your life a lot easier.

Here’s the list

Do it yourself (instructions)

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Do it yourself with some help (commercial products)

Autorun Starter/Launch Programs (some PPT-specific, some not)

PowerLink, PowerLink Plus, Autorun CD Project Creator Pro:

RunIt (or RunIt Plus Enabler if your recipients don’t have PPT installed):

AutoPlay Menu Studio with tutorial at Mastro: GST Power Launch:

ROM With a View:



Autorun PPT Made Easy:

Stardust Autoplay Teaser:

Multimedia Builder:


Many More Are Listed Here:

PPT to Flash

Articulate Presenter (There’s also a server product available):

impatica (This actually converts to Java): Macromedia Breeze (Used to be Presidia):

Macromedia RoboPresenter (purchased RoboPresenter):

Latude Communications MeetingPlace iCreate (purchased Wanadu):

PresentationPro PowerConverter:


Macromedia FlashPaper (used to be FlashPrinter) distributed as part of Macromedia Contribute:

Lots of XYZ-to-Flash products listed here.

DMS Presentation Pro:

Rick Turoczy has a tutorial on converting PPT to Flash by hand at Animations aren’t preserved and will have to be manually recreated in Flash. The programs listed above preserve most PPT animations.

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Let someone else worry about it (authoring and conversion services)