Changing Animations on Individual Slides

This feature is only available in PPT 2002 (aka PPT XP) and 2003

Let’s say you’ve applied an animation to the master slide or slides in your presentation–or you’ve applied an animation scheme to the entire presentation–and you want to eliminate or modify the animation on some of the individual slides.

This is actually fairly easy to do. The trick is to transfer the animation from the slide master to the individual slide so you can work with it.

Step 1:Right-click an object on your slide and choose Custom Animation. The Custom Animation task pane should appear. You’ll see the animation from the master slide listed in the task pane, but it will be greyed out. That will make you think it’s unavailable, but it’s really not.

Step 2: Click on the arrow beside one of the animations listed and choose “copy effects to slide.”

Step 3: The animation(s) will become available in the task pane. In the task pane, select the one you want to modify and use the Change button to change the animation effect.

Step 4: This is more of a “something to note” rather than a step to modify animation.

To ADDan effect to an object, select the object on the slideand use the “Add Effect” button on the Custom Animation Task Pane.

This allows you to add more than one effect to an object (exit, entrance, emphasis, motion path).

Removing an Animation:If you want to REMOVEor MODIFY an animation which has already been applied to an object, select the object IN THE TASK PANE; the “Add Effect” button will become a “Change” button to let you know you’re on the right track.

To remove the animation, click on the arrow beside the animation in the task pane list and choose Remove.