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Ever wanted to suggest a feature to the PowerPoint team? Well, here’s your chance! The Office folks have started using so the user community can suggest and vote on features.

To add a feature request or vote on current ones, head to Scroll to the bottom of the page to select the correct forum (PowerPoint for iPad, PowerPoint for Windows, PowerPoint for Mac, etc.), and post your feature request there. Then vote on the other posts you like. You get ten votes, so use them wisely!


For general Office suggestions, head to, and for the other apps just insert their names:,,,,,,

I’ve still got some votes left, so I’m looking forward to seeing your suggestions at! After you add your request on the uservoice website, post a link to it in the comments below so we know to vote on it.


  1. Ann Overton

    1. Have the ability to adjust black and white view settings in graphs (individual elements as well as the entire graph).
    2. Have the ability to create a CUSTOM table template within a presentation (instead of using the pre-designed ones in ppt).
    3. Bookmarking capability compatible with pdfs – be able to place bookmarks on slides in ppt that carry over into pdf files.

  2. Need support for fonts such as Avenir that are supported by Windows 7, were supported in PPT2010, but are no longer supported in PPT2013. Causes problems for companies that have this font as corporate standard and cannot move to PPT2013.

    It would also be good to be able to copy-protect templates.

  3. Echo Swinford

    Ann, did you add these to the page, or are you just posting here? (Posting them here doesn’t get them in front of the people who make PowerPoint.)

  4. Echo Swinford

    Same suggestion for you, Alessandra — please post your suggestions at

    I don’t know that Avenir was ever a “safe” font.

  5. Jodi Newell

    Thank you for the heads up Echo. I will definitely be adding some suggestions and voting my support.

    Yes, Ann, please, please add your suggestions to Custom tables are sorely needed as well as more options in the black and white palette.

  6. Have the possibility to make more settings in Slide Master when adding placeholders,
    And have more different placeholders.
    Creating styles in Powerpoint the same way as you can work with them in Word.
    That I think would be great!

  7. Echo Swinford

    Elisabeth, please add your suggestions to

    Everyone — my suggestion was to post your feature requests at and then post a link here so we can vote them up, not just post your suggestions here!

  8. Lori Manton

    It would be great to be able to tab between the height and width dimensions when resizing an object in the Format Ribbon.

    I’ve added the request to Thanks, Echo!

  9. pavi

    pavi from saudi Arabia i have ppt QUIZ 2016 i want put name in text box vba automatic add picture to 60 page slide from vba please help me

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