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Whether it’s meeting a crazy deadline or troubleshooting an existing presentation or template, it’s frustrating when you can’t find the solution quickly.

But we’re PowerPoint geeks (some prefer the term “goddesses”), and we’re here to help! We can make your slides not suck and your custom templates do what they’re supposed to.

Training | Templates | Troubleshooting, whatever you need. We’d love to help.

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About this site

Echosvoice.com debuted in 2001. It was a hobby site, and it most definitely looked like one.

The same great information you’ve always found on Echosvoice.com is still here under the Tutorials tab. Hopefully this new look showcases it better, and we can at least not turn red whenever we send folks to the site!

The bulk of the PowerPoint information from the old site lives under the tutorials tab, and they are categorized by when the feature became a thing in PowerPoint. You may have to hunt a bit, or use the Search box on the Blog page. For example, bezier curves are listed on the PPT 97/2000 page because that is when they made their debut. Also, both of the big lists of new features for 2007 and 2010 are listed under their respective tutorials page.

Happy navigating, and we hope you like the new site!

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